Before Arlene had delusions of grandeur on stage and screen, she had them on paper. To date, Arlene has written two full length novels, multiple full length and ten minute plays, television treatments, comedic sketches, short stories, pilot scripts, screenplays- and one poem that will never see the light of day because it was terrible and she shouldn't be allowed to write poetry ever again.

To take a look at her works, just click the category below. Only completed, edited works are uploaded. If something is in process or in the middle of publishing and submission insanity, she usually keeps it to herself. 

We wish she would keep more things to herself- she's an oversharer and we all know way too much about her.



It's a play. You play it. On a stage. There are people and seats and everything. It's great.


See, these are the ones you film with a camera. Hopefully. If they're any good.


This is just the bit of writing I'd like to showcase before my insecurities catch up with me and make me take it down and do another draft.


Short Story | 6 pages