Arlene is also an advocate for artists' financial independence. Since moving to NYC in September of 2017, she has self-produced two shows (123, a Play About Abandonment and Ballroom Dancing & CRY WOLF), created a free job-search webinar called "Get the Job" for creatives and other people looking to break out of shift-work and poverty mindsets, and works a (partially remote) B2B sales job that she adores with Flo-Tech, which allows her to self-fund her creative endeavors and be selective about the projects she undertakes. This also means she doesn't have to compromise her artistic quality due to financial attachments to other producers. And, you know, she can for her own studio in Harlem- living alone is a necessity when you wear this many hats. Follow her on social media for current information on all these endeavors and more.

To work with Arlene in any number of projects, message her on the CONTACT page. Side note- if you ask her directly, she is in Phase 2 of her World Domination plot. There are 5 Phases and you'll know when she's completed her mission.

Name, Title

Arlene won't stop talking about the fact that after two reconstructive ACL surgeries, Grad School, Natural Gas Poisoning, and Getting Hit by a Semi Truck, she's still alive. If she doesn't stop talking about these things, however, one of her friends might just kill her. She also grew up in Chicago and, of her own free will, chose to move to New York City. So maybe, MAYBE, there's an unhealthy lack of fear of death. She'll contemplate the possibility in therapy.

That being said, she has a unique artistic viewpoint. The semi truck crushed her car about two weeks after she graduated with her MFA (and less than six months after the second ACL surgery), so her perspective shifted immediately. Everyday when she wakes up, she asks "What would I rather be doing?" if the answer isn't "Living in New York and building her artistic career", then she'll immediately leave and go do whatever came to mind. After all, she might get hit by another truck any day.