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This is the part where I pay my bills. These are the tools I'm using or learning from in order to automate business processes and create art- so, if you try these tools and buy through my link I make a percentage of that sale without it costing you any extra. So, a win-win! Take a look through, play along with me, and I hope you find something you like.

What is it?: Danelfin is a stock analytics platform powered by Explainable Artificial Intelligence. It rates stocks and ETFs with an easy-to-understand global AI Score, ranging from 1 to 10; the higher the score, the higher the probability of beating the market in the next 3 months.

More Info: - The AI uses every day the learnings from the latest 252 market days (US market) and the latest 500 market days (European market) to identify the stock and ETF features (alpha signals) that generated the most alpha (positive and negative) after 60 market days. Their mission is to democratize the use of AI to help everyone make better investments.

DanelFin Stock App Logo
DanelFin Stock App Pic

What is it?: Post Production Content Generator- Castmagic saves podcasters and content creators 20+ hours a week by automating all the tedious tasks that happen in editing and post-production.

More Info: - Based in Henderson, Nevada under Magic Studios LLC, Castmagic was created by Hamza Nasim, Justin Tormey, and Blaine Blous to handle the overload of work in creating production-ready assets to promote their podcast.

Castmagic Logo
Castmagic Cartoon People Talking

What is it?: AI Presentation Generator- Decktopus handles your manual design tasks so you can get back to focusing on messaging and presentation. Proposals, Case Studies, Startup Pitches, Executive Summaries, and more.

More Info: - Made with the community in mind. Decktopus takes direct feedback from its partners and users to continually improve the material creation processes for Account Managers, Sales Professionals, Marketing Managers, and more.

Decktopus Logo
Decktopus Website Octopus Cartoon

What is it?: AI Video Documentation- Guidde records your movements to create automatic step-by-step guides for employees, clients, and potential customers to follow. Never get caught in an hours long teaching process again!

More Info: - Knowledge base creation and maintenance has never been easier than with Guidde. Do your tasks as you normally would and let Guidde take your team and onboarding personnel through the details in the clearest way possible.

Guidde Logo
Guidde App Website Photo

What is it?: Chatbot Generator & Trainer- Customize and whitelabel your dataset for your personalized chatbot, thanks to GPT4-trained

More Info: - Teach your chatbot with images, text files, urls, and videos so it can give each customer or client personalized, accurate information. All information is kept on AWS servers and cannot be accessed by Dante's developers, ensuring security.

Dante AI Logo
Dante AI Website App Preview Photo

What is it?: AI Website Data Extraction- let a robot do the tasks you usually do when searching for information, contacts, or other data on the internet. No coding, just record your movements and let the robot do what you do- without you needing to be there! Use code robot10 for a 10% discount.

More Info: - The mission is to democratize access to information on the internet for everybody, not just people who can afford to offload the labor of data processing.

BrowseAI Logo.png
BrowseAI Website Photo.png

What is it?: Computer App Automation - The modern workplace is drowning apps, with workers caught in the middle. Bardeen talks to the apps for you, automating processes with a click.

More Info: - Automate the boring work and read the blog to see how other marketing, sales, and recruiting teams, as well as people who use it for their personal lives, get their time back and get the most out of Bardeen 

Bardeen Logo.png
Bardeen Website Photo.png

What is it?: Personal Pocket Language Tutor- Talkio.AI mimics human interaction with avatars to provide immersive language learning through conversation, pronunciation, and to replicate real-world accents and dialects. Choose your discussion topic and get instant feedback as well as translations to aid the conversation further.

More Info: - Created by Theis Frøhlich, a developer, designer and indie entrepreneur from Denmark. Data is stored on servers in the European Union: Microsoft (voice and data), Auth0 (authentication), Stripe (payments). Furthermore, uses OpenAI's GPT-3 language model to power the AI. This data is processed in the United States.

Talkio AI Logo
Talkio Cartoon Image

What is it?: Computer Sciences & Business Continuing Education & Certification platform- Edureka! is the fastest growing eLearning and certification platform with the highest completion rate in the industry in partnership with corporations & academia.

More Info: - With courses in Cloud Computing, Project Management, Cybersecurity, and more, Edureka! offers corporate training in conjunction with top university education - Use my link for a Flat 30% Off All Certification & Master Courses

Edureka Logo
Edureka Website Photo

What is it?: Dancewear by and for dancers- Discount Dance empowers and connects dancers to their passion by offering the best selection of dancewear on the market. Boasting the largest selection of dance apparel in the industry. The goal has always been to fit the needs of every dancer.

More Info: - Part of Discount Dance's mission is to be part of the solution to reduce the impact of the textile industry on the environment. Use my links for either 20% Off Your Next Order with SMS Signup or Free Shipping on Orders $50+

Discount Dance Logo
Discount Dance Website Pic

What is it?: AI Ad Creative Generation- uses machine learning to generate higher-performing ad in minutes. From photos to videos to the full stack of ad creatives necessary for a complete campaign, AdCreative super powers your advertising team in no time at all.

More Info: - Trained by AdCreative's original authors, read through the blog posts generated by the AI itself! Use my affiliate link for your free trial. Logo Generated Photo

What is it?: MagicForm takes in all your company data, social media conversations, and other information you provide to superpower your Customer Relationships and outreach. Have a sales rep that works for you 24/7 and knows not only your product but your audience perfectly.

More Info: Right out of the box, MagicForm can take your sales to the next level. Check out their website for more information today.

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