My name is Arlene and it's nice to meet you! I'm a U.S. artist based in NYC. If you need a tarot reading, help with your writing or acting, or if you'd like to hire me to write or act, you're in the right place! Take a look around and reach out; I'm currently looking for new people to collaborate with and it might be you. Reach out through the CONTACT form and we'll find a way to work together -


Arlene has been falling flat on her face on stage and screen for over ten years now. She received her MFA in Acting at the University of Connecticut and her BA in Theatre & English from Purdue University. All of the education has gone to her head and she estimates it will take approximately four more years to get over herself. Post grad, Arlene has self produced two shows ("CRY WOLF" and "123 the Play") and worked onstage all over NYC. She is extremely excited to jump headfirst into TV and Film post pandemic. If you'd like to book Arlene for a gig just reach out through the CONTACT form.

Currently seeking representation-

Self Congratulatory Reviews



Third-year MFA student Arlene Bozich is a star to watch as [the] eldest daughter, Goneril…Bozich is a riveting Goneril and has a better grasp of Shakespeare's language than some actors on Broadway. She is fascinating to watch.




Isolation + Solitude = Isola/tude

During the pandemic, I wanted to act but had no outlet. I filmed this dramatic, experimental film alone with my phone and edited it on a 6 year old refurbished computer. I learned a lot in this process and, overall, I'm pretty proud of this truly zero budget film. 

No money was spent on this film - just time.

Filmed July 2020 in Harlem, NY


Before Arlene had delusions of grandeur on stage and screen, she had them on paper. To date Arlene has written two full length novels, multiple full length and ten minute plays, television treatments, comedic sketches, short stories, pilot scripts, screenplays- and one poem that will never see the light of day because it was terrible and she shouldn't be allowed to write poetry ever again. However, in a writer's room? She's with her people and in her element.  If you'd like to book Arlene to write with or for you, please reach out through the CONTACT form. Currently seeking representation-

Check out these behind-the-scenes videos from the creative team behind the 2019 production of Arlene's stage play, CRY WOLF

Writing Portfolio

Writing samples abound! Check out the short story Strawberries for a quick sample of my writing, or else read my finished plays by clicking Stage or examples of my screenwriting by clicking Screen. These are just some samples- reach out through the CONTACT form if you'd like to request different work!

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I created this workbook as a love letter to everyone who has ever wanted to write something, but had no idea where to start. The Storyteller's Cookbook is the perfect tool for any storyteller looking for a way to outline and map their idea before beginning the writing process. Useful for creative writing students, hobbyists, authors, or anyone with the fear of the blank page (or suffering from writer's block). Jam-packed with exercises and a workbook to go in-depth with your idea crafting, The Storyteller's Cookbook takes you step-by-step through choosing your storytelling medium, building your world, structuring your plot, understanding your characters' composition, and beginning to develop your personal writing style. A perfect gift for the writer in your life or to pick up if you've ever had a screenplay, musical, novel, TV series, or any other story on your brain and no idea where to start. Don't fear the blank page. Beat writer's block. Whatever your goal, The Storyteller's Cookbook is here to help bring your story to life!


During the pandemic it seemed like most of my friends learned to bake bread, got pregnant, or else bought a dog. I, on the other hand, found a deck of tarot cards and travelled the United States to practice. While on the road and learning how to use the cards, I eventually started seeing people again (after being vaccinated, of course). As a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding I started entertaining guests with my readings. After some lovely responses (and even lovelier cash tips) I realized I could do readings regularly for other parties and one-on-one!


Tarot, for me, is a mindfulness exercise first and foremost. I don't commune with spirits or anything like that- tarot is entertainment and can help you develop your intuition. It's also a great way to meet new people and have some fascinating conversations!

How my readings work:

-The cards are laid out

-I tell you the overall meaning of the cards and how they relate to each other

-Your brain fills in the specific details (kind of like a game of Mad Libs for your subconscious mind!)

-We talk and pull more cards to clarify until you feel like you got everything you needed from the reading.

Available for private readings and party bookings. 

Want something a little different for your next gathering? You can book me to read tarot for parties and private events, virtual or in person! Check out my PartySlate page to get a quote for your event 

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