Are you an artist looking to collaborate? A producer with finances to burn? A distant relative checking in on my mental state? (Spoiler Alert, I've gotten weirder!) That said, check out the story ideas I'm currently chewing on in my "Quick Pitch List"- all of these ideas have additional samples/materials available and can be 'Pitch Meeting Ready' with a 24 hours heads up. Please reach out if you're looking to collaborate (and have the producing/financial prowess and resources to get it done, I can do microbudget without you).
And if you're one of the other writer goblins I know- I've shown you my list, now you show me yours. Also if you steal an idea of mine I will turn you blue as Frankie Muniz did to Paul Giamatti in the classic "Big Fat Liar". I am Frankie. You are Paul. Don't steal ideas, you monster, just ask me and we can work together. 
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